Behar's New Book The Global PR Revolution Reached No. 1 of Sales on Amazon

Behar's New Book The Global PR Revolution Reached No. 1 of Sales on Amazon

Maxim Behar's latest book The Global PR Revolution reached No. 1 of sales on Amazon in the fields both of Public Relations and also Sales and Marketing. It happened just three days after the official launch of the book last week.

The Global PR Revolution is published by Allworth Press and distributed exclusively by Simon & Schuster all over the United States. The book covers professionally changes in the Public Relations business over the past decade and it consists the opinions of 100 top PR leaders from 65 countries.

 “Maxim Behar is one of the most esteemed and famous PR experts of the modern era, and this book is bound to become an indispensable classic for anyone working in or engaging with the PR industry. PR has never been more powerful, but that power needs to be tempered by a constant emphasis on ethical professionalism, and by an awareness of our impact on others. The Global PR Revolution is an unparalleled tour d’horizon of PR today and in the years to come”, Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General & ICCO Chief Executive, says on the cover of the book.

Behar is a leading PR expert, former President of ICCO, the largest Global PR community and currently is a President of the World Communications Forum Association in Davos, Switzerland. He is Chairman of the PR & Media Committee of the World Federation of Consuls and also Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, The Global PR Revolution will be published by Enthusiast publishing house and is expected to be launched by the middle of November.