Professor Lyubomir Stoykov with a review of "The Global PR Revolution"

Professor Lyubomir Stoykov with a review of

The positive opinions and comments from experts in the field followed straight away after the incredible success of the best-selling book "The Global PR Revolution". One of them is the appraisal of Professor Lyubomir Stoykov, which he shared with the numerous audience at the official book premiere in Bulgaria.

The PR expert gave his opinion about the new book
by author Maxim Behar, who has established himself as a leader in the global PR industry for 25 years, according to many well-known professionals. The professor examined themes in the book like the death of the press release, fake news, the social media revolution and the rebellion against traditional media. Lyubomir Stoykov expressed his full admiration for the book, which contains the opinions of 100 of the most famous PR experts from 65 countries from 6 continents.

The professor described the book as one of the best in the field of PR
worldwide, saying that- "Every word in this text is in place. Ten of them, however, correctly and impressively mark PR in the era of the social media revolution. The author has superbly synthesized them: change, media, merger, speed, transparency, integrity, education, measurement, language, risks. "

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