Behar’s “The Global PR Revolution” to be launched first in the US

Behar’s “The Global PR Revolution” to be launched first in the US

Maxim Behar, globally renowned PR expert and journalist, entrepreneur, diplomat and owner and manager of one of the leading PR companies in Bulgaria, M3 Communications Group, Inc., is publishing a new, fourth in a rowbook in the USA“The Global PR Revolution: How Thought Leaders Succeed in the Transformed World of PR” will be released in early October 2019, and the pre-orders have already started. Readers can order it from Amazon as well as from the online platforms of two of the most prominent publishing houses in the world – Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble. Behar’s new book was recently presented at the biggest international book fair in London – London Book Fair.


The Global PR Revolution” is to be published by Allworth Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster, a company established in 1924, winner of 56 Pulitzer Prizes and part of the powerful CSB Corporation. In Bulgaria the book will be published by the traditional published of Behar’s books – Enthusiast Publishing, at the same time it will be released on sale in the USA.


Following several reviews:


Eric Weiner, New York Times bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss“The world is changing. Social media is bringing people together and tearing them apart. It’s hard to know what to believe and who to trust, especially when it comes to the letters ‘PR.’ Enter Maxim Behar. He cuts through the noise and locks in on the signal. He helps us navigate the changes afoot and reminds us that some things – dignity, integrity – remain constant. Best of all, he delivers his message with a light touch that makes “The Global PR Revolution” a pleasure to read.”


Francis Ingham, director-general of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and chief executive of InternationalCommunications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO): “Maxim Behar is one of the most esteemed and famous PR experts of the modern era, and this book is bound to become an indispensable classic for anyone working in or engaging with the PR industry. PR has never been more powerful, but that power needs to be tempered by a constant emphasis on ethical professionalism and by an awareness of our impact on others. The Global PR Revolution is an unparalleled tour d’horizon of PR today and in the years to come.”


Paul Holmes, founder and chair, The Holmes Report: The pace of change in public relations has never been faster. More important, it will never be this slow again. Understanding the forces driving disruption in our business has never been more critical, and Maxim Behar—who has pioneered these forces in many places in the world as a great professional and also as ICCO President—is an excellent guide.”


The Global PR Revolution“ is an exceptional guide that brings together the vast professional experience of the author, mostly as President of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), as well as the opinion of almost 100 leading PR experts from all over the world. Among them are names like Sir Martin Sorrel – founder of WPP and also currently 4S Capital, Jack Martin – former CEO and Global Chairman of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, David Gallagher – part of the senior management team of Omnicom Group, and many more. The introduction of the book is written by the legendary Paul Holmes, founder of The Holmes Report, the most established organization for PR assessment, management and world rankings. The book presents innovative practices in the communications industry and is focused on the transformation that social media networks impose on the business globally.


Taking the best from the experience of the experts in the industry“The Global PR Revolution” guarantees readers a strategic insight into the modern PR reality, and focuses on topics such as:


• The New Rules of Social Media

• Modern PR Skills and Tools

• How to Measure Impact

• The Effect of Total Transparency on Businesses

• The Future of the Industry


The Global PR Revolution“ can be also ordered from the platforms of:

• Skyhorse Publishing

• IndieBound


as well as on the official page of the book